Peppa Pig 06227 “Air Peppa Jet” Figure

Peppa Pig 06227

  • Free-wheeling Jet with open up cockpit.
  • Includes articulated Peppa figure.
  • Flip-over Miss Rabbit pilot or a seat for Peppa to fly the jet!
  • Open the doors & lower the stairs.
  • Load the suitacase in the baggage compartment.

Take off in Peppa’s free-wheeling Jet with Miss Rabbit! Includes articulated Peppa figure and 2 suitcases.

Open up the doors, lower the stairs, then open the baggage hold and load the suitcases!

Flip-over Miss Rabbit figure, to make space for Peppa to fly the plane.

There’s room for Peppa and her friends inside! For ages 3 years and over. Styles may vary.

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