Hovershot Glow in the Dark Floating Target Game

Hovershot Glow in the Dark Floating Target Game

  • Fun for all ages & occasions
  • Keep everyone amused at family get-togethers
  • Fantastic gift for anyone
  • Glows in the dark – Use with the lights on or off!
  • Includes 2 guns!

Test your night time shooting skills with this glow in the dark Hover Shot game and compete against another player to see who the master of the target is.

This set comes with 6 glow in the dark darts which you can unleash at the 10 white foam balls that hover above the individual pillars. The pillars are set at different heights to give players a real challenge and are mounted on the target air base. The pillars, balls and darts are glow in the dark so you will still be able to see what you’re shooting at.The foam ball targets stay suspended in the air by a battery powered system, making it even harder to hit them!

There are two ways to play the game, either play during the day time for a bit of a challenge or turn off the lights and shoot at the targets in the cover of darkness to really test your aim – the choice is yours.

The 2 air-powered guns that are provide function using a simple pull back and release system for quick firing, so you can compete to see who can shoot at the targets the quickest.

Requires 4x D batteries (not included).

Discount Price: £62.38
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