Galt Toys Horrible Science Slippery Slime

Galt Toys Horrible Science Slippery Slime

  • Make your own slippery slime
  • Mould a slithery glow worm
  • Check out how to make squelchy farts
  • Horrible Info leaflet.
  • The suitable age is 5+ years

If you’re in the mood to gross out the grown-ups then check out the Horrible Science Slippery Slime Set. It lets you make your own slime in the comfort of your own bedroom.  You can also mould a slithery glow worm and play around with stuff that glows in the dark, For an even fouler touch you can use the slime to make squelchy fart sounds. Discover the nasty side of science with this great Galt kit. An ideal gift for kids aged five years and up. Contents Glow-in-the dark slime Glow worm mould Make your own slime powder Plastic pot Fart pot Wiggly eyes Horrible info leaflet  

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