Funmate Sports Day 4 In 1 Party Game Set Sack Race Bean bag toss 3 Leg Race Game

Funmate Sports Day 4 In 1 Party Game Set Sack Race Bean bag toss 3 Leg Race Game

  • A fun party sports day set for active youngsters to make the most of the summer.
  • Includes :4 jumping sacks,4 Bean bags,4 Placstic egg,4 Spoons ,2 ankle straps.1 Start Line,1 End line,1 Red flag
  • This great garden game includes everything you will need for a sports party
  • Full of fun and make every day can be sports day

Product Description
   This is a perfect game set for a family get together and student garden party ,every one will be enjoy with it.Also,this game set can test your blance and can get everything as the picture show
This sports day set contains a series of four races:egg and spoon race, three- legged race, sack race and the bean bag race.They are great fun for children and adults.

Sack Race
Each participant get in a sack-hold the sack with both hands-and hop to the finish line as fast as they can.The one who hops first over the finish line is the winner.

Egg Race
Each participant must balance an egg on a spoon during the race until reaching the finish line.If the egg drops the racer could pick it up while standing still and reposition it on the spoon.It is forbidden to hold the egg tight with a finger or the hand.The winner is the one who crossed the finish line with the egg on the spoon first.

3 legged Race
Devivde player into teams of 2. Tie the right and left lower legs/ankles of the teammates together .Each team have 3 legs now.Start the race over a short distance.The tean who runs first over the finish line is the winner.

Toss Game
The point of this game is to find out who can throw a little bag as farthest.

Start line,finish line and tag
Postion the start and finish lines at the desired place and fix them with as the pegs. The flag helps the players to see the lines even in far diatance.

Package include
 &nbsp4 x sacks
 &nbsp4 x eggs
 &nbsp4 x spoons
 &nbsp4 x bean bags
 &nbsp2 x ankle straps
 &nbsp1 x start line
 &nbsp1 x end line
 &nbsp1 x red flag

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